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Check out the Pwiic Cooperative Team!
Or, better yet, be part of the team ...

Because the sharing economy offers more support if the company itself is owned by its members!

Who is the Team? consists of several teams :

  • The PwiicView team are the founders who designed this project and ensure that it lives and grows on a daily basis while respecting the cooperative values ​​and good governance of society.
  • PwiicTech members are the computer geniuses who codify all our desires and needs.
  • The PwiicHum Team is you if you take part in the society to change the world with us.
The Pwiic View Team

It's the management and governance team

The management and governance team ensures that the project lives, survives and grows while always keeping in mind its main objective: respect for the values ​​of the cooperative and respect for sharing. They want to change the world, but they are not superheroes. And a small detail, they must also find ways to develop the project and ensure its profitability of society to ensure its current and future development. They are forced to make business plans, to plan marketing campaigns to participate in startup competitions to publicize the project and even to answer interviews in Dutch! They have to make the right decisions all the time and are not allowed to make mistakes. And as they are imperfect and they know it, they listen to the PwiicHum team and ask them for advice so that you do not go wrong.

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The Pwiic Hum Team

It's you!

The PwiicHum are great humans! These are all people who make this project live, who decided to change the way we consider the economy, the work, the web ... It's you, if you join the team. Because without PwiicHum, we must admit, we are only a collaborative website as there are dozens. Without PwiicHum, there is really no collaboration ... Humans must reinvent their way of living, working, consuming. Our responsibility is colossal and collective. That's why we created this project as a cooperative society! Join us and become a PwiicHum!

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